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South African Chenin Blancs to Drink this Summer

South African Chenin Blancs to Drink this Summer

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The white grape varietal, Chenin Blanc hails from France’s Loire Valley, but it has also taken root in South Africa where it is often known as Steen. Check out these favorite bottles from the New World region.

Chenin Blanc wines are known to have high acidity and great balance. These wines coming from South Africa have taken a turn from being off-dry and neutral, to now being beautifully expressive of the land, showcasing the terrior in the flavors and aromas. Today, the region is producing high-quality, low-priced, food-friendly Chenin Blanc wines that are perfectly crisp for summer. And in case you needed an excuse to try one of these bottles, June 17th is Drink Chenin Day. Here are our favorites:

South African Chenin Blancs to Drink this Summer

Terre Brûlée Chenin Blanc 2016: $15
Golden hued and acidic, this is our ideal patio pounder. It’s perfect for summer drinking, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. In fact it’s the perfect mix of refreshing and complex. Floral notes are balanced by citrus flavors and a touch of smokiness that makes it the perfect pair with grilled chicken or fish.

South African Chenin Blancs to Drink this Summer

Ken Forrester Old Vine Reserve Chenin Blanc 2016: $15
Full-bodied from being aged on the lees, this wine comes with warm notes of baking spices and caramel. However, it is also impressively balanced with notes of tropical fruits and melon. It can easily pair with spicy barbecue, peppery charcuterie or Thai food with some heat.

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South African Chenin Blancs to Drink this Summer

Secateurs Chenin Blanc 2016: $16
With a full-body, this Chenin Blanc comes with warm notes of almond and toast balanced with hints of stone fruits and plenty of minerality. Enjoy this ideal wine with a cheese plate complete with peppery charcuterie.

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