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Why You Should Have Oyster Sauce in Your Fridge: Mouth-Watering Recipes with Oyster Sauce

Why You Should Have Oyster Sauce in Your Fridge: Mouth-Watering Recipes with Oyster Sauce

Maybe you bought a bottle of oyster sauce for one recipe and haven’t used it since or you’re looking to up the ingredeints you have on hand. Either way, we have you covered with delicious recipes with oyster sauce that are sure to impress.

Lee Kum Kee is a maker of many ingredeints and sauce, but for this guide, we want to focus on their oyster sauce. It is a high-quality sauce made without preservatives and we love keeping it on hand in our fridge to boost the flavor of just about any savory recipe.

Here are some seasonally fitting recipes that use oyster sauce:

California Salad with Oyster Sauce Vinaigrette
Bring some of the West Coast to your next cookout. Premium Oyster Sauce enhances and rounds out the crisp earthy ingredients of the fresh salad. See the recipe.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Skewers with Oyster Sauce
Everything is better with bacon! Oyster Sauce boosts the taste and appearance of these crave-able skewers. Serve on a bed of pasta, rice or veggies for an easy weeknight dinner on the grill. See the recipe.

Oyster Sauce Braised Chicken with Mushrooms
Bring something a little different to the table and braise your meats in Oyster Sauce to create a flavorful liquid and make it fall-off-the-bone tender. See the recipe.

Oyster Sauce Steak and Potato Kebabs
Alternate between bites of steak marinated to perfection in Oyster Sauce and crisp potatoes for a simple grilling staple. See the recipe.

Easy Crispy Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce on Rice
When it comes to quick and easy one-plate meals, it still has to have great taste and bold flavors. This dish uses oyster sauce to do just that. See the recipe.

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