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Old World Winemakers in South America: A Delicious Blend of Styles and Terrior

Old World Winemakers in South America: A Delicious Blend of Styles and Terrior

Having been in the winemaking world for over 150 years, the Rothschild family is known for their quality French wines. But did you know they also have labels and vineyards in Argentina and Chile? Here’s while we love their South American wines.

CARO Vineyard

Mendoza, Argentina: Bodegas CARO
CARO is an alliance between two families and two cultures, French and Argentine. The Domaines Baron de Rothschild and Nicolás Catena have put together their knowledge of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec grapes and tradition and altitude terrior to create a beautiful selection of wines. We love balanced the wines were and never once did we feel overpowered but the Malbec. While all of these wines are great with the usual steak, we appreciate how the bright red fruit notes, soft black pepper spice and barrel aging makes the bottle perfect with a variety of foods, including fish. Not sure where to start? Reach for the 2016 Amancaya Reserve Red Blend. Amancaya is the name of the mountain flower that grows in the Andes and this wine is a perfect representation of the balance between the Bordeaux and Argentine wine making styles.

Los Vascos Vineyard

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Colchagua, Chile: Los Vascos
Our past experiences with Chilean wines has been pretty cheap, in all aspects. We were delighted to try the offerings from this winery because the bottles were not only affordable, but they were of super high quality. Each bottle blends the traditions of French Lafite winemaking and the exceptional terrior of Chile. In 1988, Rothschild was the first French investment into the wine world of Chile and it surely has paid off. Many of the vines in this vineyards are old, even for old world wines, let alone new world wines, and they have been able to develop the Grand Vins. This portfolio includes white, red and rosé wines. Kick off your Chilean tasting with the Los Vascos Grande Réserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2014. Aged for aa year in French oak, this wine smells of fresh, red fruits and comes with darker notes of wood, black pepper and black olives.

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