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La Marina NYC- a Delicious Oasis from the Hubbub of New York

La Marina NYC- a Delicious Oasis from the Hubbub of New York

Disengage and enjoy the smells, sounds and tastes of the land and sea at La Marina NYC, located at the edge of Dyckman Street in Upper Manhattan.

La Marina Sign


In Upper Manhattan, restaurant La Marina NYC is starting a new trend for New Yorkers; one inspired by the laid back, chill lifestyle of the islands. Using Bermuda as its muse, similarly La Marina will seduce your senses with its breathtaking beauty, only here guests will see the Hudson River and the evergreen around it. More alluring is the glorious food, which will have you in a sunshine mood during and post your short staycation.

La Marina Seating

At La Marina the dishes are crafted by the Executive Chef Ian Friedman, the person responsible for elevating your island experience in the city that never sleeps. Pair your bites with outstanding views of the Hudson River and the beauty surrounding it with the following amazing elements of La Marina NYC:

The Vibes.

Walking upon the creaking wooden steps to enter the restaurant, you will be awe struck and giddy with the beauty you see. The sun is glistening on the waters surrounding the restaurant, spots of greenery enclosing the water and stringed lights above all seating areas which include; the bar, the sheltered region on the deck, the unsheltered region surrounding the deck, and an upper level. With vast amount of seating areas the restaurant is ideal for any type of gatherings; intimate dates, outrageous celebrations, or any other friends and family get-togethers.

La Marina Seating 2

The Eats

The food to sink your teeth into are those of the sea, watching the ripples and smelling the air it is clear seafood is the primary choice when dining at La Marina. Get the full experience of the La Marina’s oasis with the ocean tastes of crab cakes, seafood jambalaya and some avocado (not a sea food but it’s just too hard to resist).

But first begin your meal with a cocktail to set your escape to the island life right.

Ginger Side Car

Ginger Side Car

For appetizer, it is hard to choose from the list of island inspired options but the buttery, creamy Split Avocado Salad is refreshingly light. Topped with fennel, Parmesan cheese and served on a bed of cool quinoa salad.

Avocado Salad

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For the main course:

Try the Lobster Jambalaya a rich spicy dish where every fork will have pieces of the sea (lobster, shrimp) and land (chorizo). A dish that gives your mouth the best of both worlds.

Lobster Jambalaya 2

Another dish to order is Fells Point Crab Cake. Unlike some cakes that use pieces of fish to fill in the fried goodness, La Marina and Chef Friedman uses well-seasoned pure crab meat in this dish. It is served with sweet corn and tangy crispy kale. It’s all about balance right?

Crab Cakes

As New York is an icon for being the city that never sleeps, it is good to have an oasis like La Marina NYC to escape all of its’ hubbubs, even if it is for a bit. Make La Marina your travel and budget friendly destination or “staycation” if you will, during the warmer months. Just a hop off the A train, and a leisure walk through upper Manhattan, you will find this enchanting foodie oasis.

Visit La Marina NYC, for more information on different ways you can visit this oasis located on 348 Dyckman St. Manhattan, NY 10034.


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