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Habanero Salsa 3 Ways for Tailgating Season

Habanero Salsa 3 Ways for Tailgating Season

Tailgating season continues! Think you can handle the heat? Check out three spicy homemade salsas, packed with habanero peppers—perfect for mixing up your tailgate spread.

By Claire Thomas

Kitchy Kitchen

Here’s the thing about heat: it’s not a flavor, it’s a sensation. Typically I dislike super spicy peppers because they get in the way of the flavor, but habaneros with the seeds removed add a nice, gentle buzz in the back of your throat plus a gorgeous floral yet vegetal flavor. If you’re up for the

But please note: Habaneros are HOT! To protect yourself, wear rubber gloves and work on a cutting board. Don’t touch your eyes and face unless you want to run around the kitchen wincing in pain.

Green Habanero Salsa

This green salsa, laced with plenty of fresh cilantro, does NOT mess around—habaneros pack some serious heat!

Kitchy Kitchen

Fried Habanero Salsa

Habaneros fried to golden brown perfection give this salsa a twist.

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If you’re a fan of sweet and heat, you’ll love this vibrantly hued fruit salsa.

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This article was originally posted as, “Spicy Salsas for Tailgaiting Season” on Relish.

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