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The Delicious Caffeine Boost Your Morning Needs

The Delicious Caffeine Boost Your Morning Needs

We’re always down to change up our morning routine, especially when it comes to our coffee. The same is boring, but something new gets us out of bed. We checked in with REBBL and High Brew and tried their new drinks to finish off summer and carry us into fall.

For the iced coffee lover…
Try High Brew Double Espresso for a lighter sip and REBBL Reishi Cold Brew for a drink with a bit more substance and body. Both drinks have that simple “milk and sugar” taste everyone loves.

For that extra caffeine kick…
Try the new High Brew Triple Shot in three delicious flavors: Espresso, Vanilla Bean, and Black. Yep, that’s right, these convenient cans have THREE times the amount of caffeine. Get ready.

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For the caffeine-sensitive…
We don’t all need all of that caffeine. Enter, The REBBL Maca Cold Brew filled with adaptogens to work by counteracting the effects of stress in the body, while also keeping you energized and focused. Skip the jitters, but still drink good coffee sips.

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