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Coffee Culture: Portland’s Cathedral Coffee

Coffee Culture: Portland’s Cathedral Coffee

Bill finds a stunning shop slinging great coffee in the the beautiful land of Portland. 
By Bill Walsh


Subject: Cathedral Coffee Shop
Location: Portland, OR
WiFi?: Yes
Rating: 6+ [see key] Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map Series

One of the things I adore about Portland is the raw beauty of the city. Few spots (in the even fewer dilapidated parts of town) make cause for grimacing, and spots of majesty abound. One such gorgeous find I found lays on the northern portion of Portland, upon the eastern side of the Williamette River. The land is a high promontory that allows you to look out over the city, complete with huge conifers flanking you like giant seraphim standing watch.


In this area, also by St Johns Bridge and the University of Portland, resides a coffeehouse seemingly named for the nearby park, a standalone establishment called Cathedral Coffee. Arrayed in a nondescript one-story shop, the real beauty lays within. Much like a church, the light dances in through the many windows and doors across the rich wood of the tables, bookcases and floor. The brick bar is arrayed centered, with a well-spaced set-up of tables and chairs arrayed all around.


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After finding a seat in the back bathing in the morning rays, I made way up to the merry baristas and ordered two different coffees from local Tanager Coffee Roasters: for an espresso, their Zelele Yirgacheffe, and brewed in a pourover, their El Jazmin Cundinamarca, Colombia. The espresso, pulled short/medium with brown crema, rang of lemon, raspberry, chocolate chip cookie, corn chip, a touch of cumin, slight balsamic vinegar and salty seaweed. The Colombian smacked strongly of honey, followed with delightful notes of sesame seed, caramel, black tea and malted milkshake.


With both drinks proving as delightful as the ambiance and disposition of the baristas, I truly cherished my short time at Cathedral. If you happen to wander through the area, treat yourself to a stop at Cathedral Coffee.

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