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5 Ways to Show the Love with Red Velvet

5 Ways to Show the Love with Red Velvet

Whether tinted with beet juice or red food coloring, these sinful treats are sure to catch the eye. With a hint of cocoa powder and traditionally topped with cream cheese frosting, indulgers can clearly taste the love in the sweet, dyed dessert.
By Annelise McAuliffe

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1. Red Velvet Brownie Heaven
Upgrade your traditional brownies with these red velvet truffle brownies. These are one of those recipes that are easy to put together. They’re super rich, but easily cut into small pieces so you can eat a little or a lot. The red-velvet brownie layer is covered with an Oreo truffle layer, and the whole thing is smothered in melted chocolate and mini chocolate chips. Get the recipe


2. Red Velvet Cupcakes
Nothing can compare to the visual appeal of a ruby red cupcake with soft icing and a slice of strawberry on top. The cake is sweet and fluffy, and the best part is the creamy and thick cream cheese frosting. Get the recipe


3. Red Velvet Cookies
Chewy cookies with tart cream cheese filling sandwiched in between. It will remind you of a glorified whoopie pie. Try this recipe

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4. Cake Bars, Red Velvet Style
This super sweet cream cheese bar uses red velvet cake crumbs as the crust. Get the recipe


5. Elegant Red Velvet Layer Cake with Berries
Sour cream is added to this batter to create a moist, not overly-sweet dessert. The berries add a sophisticated element to the common cake. Get the recipe


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