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Beautiful Documentaries Show Where Food Comes From

Beautiful Documentaries Show Where Food Comes From

Real Food Media puts on a contest every year of short films with the common category of food.  The video entries range in specific topic from having goats in your yard for fresh goat milk to oregano farming in Mexico.  Each film is carefully shot, edited, and mixed with music to make it a beautiful, and delicious adventure.  Here are six favorite videos from the 2014 contest.
By Jennifer Post

1. Homeward


This video features farmers from Hidalgo who created a cooperative growing organic oregano in order to keep their families together.

2. How Does Your Coffee Grow


How Does Your Coffee Grow? explores one Costa Rican family sustainably farming organic coffee.

3. Harmony Gardens


Dhijana Scott-Harmony and her husband Borys have turned their suburban backyard into a garden of lettuce and other produce that is then sold at local farmer’s markets.

4. The Berry Picker


This video chronicles a college student who spends her summers picking berries with her parents.

5. Allegheny Mountain School

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Allegheny Mountain School, located in Virginia, focuses on inspiring kids to get their hands dirty and understand where their food comes from.

6. Ultra Fresh Goats Milk


The woman in front of the camera helped pass a Seattle, Washington policy allowing people to keep goats at their private residence.

The deadline for the 2015 contest has passed, so stay tuned for those videos when they are released!

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