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10 Tips that will Make Your Grilling Better This Summer

10 Tips that will Make Your Grilling Better This Summer

Grilling season is here. Are you prepared? Here are 10 useful tips to armor yourself with before entering the ring of fire.

1. Pre-soak Skewers


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Before skewering those big chunks of meat, veggies, and fruit, make sure you pre-soak wooden skewers to prevent them from burning and charring off.

2. Oil the Grill

The Yummy Life

Getting the right temperature is key, but there is a detail that often goes unnoticed. Oiling the grill not only provides a nonstick surface, but also evens out the heat when setting the food on it. Get those grill marks bold and right!

3. Create Heat Zones

heat zones
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There are typically two heat zones: one for direct heat/flame when cooking and another for allowing already cooked food to keep warm and toasted without overcooking.

4. Use Foil as a Grilling Brush

Better Homes and Gardens

Here’s a MacGyver tip: don’t have a brush? Rip off some foil and crumple into the size of an orange. Use tongs to dip the foil ball in your marinade or sauce of choice and baste away!

5. Add Smokiness


Here is a simple guideline to follow when adding a smokey flavor to your grilled food:
Applewood for sweetness
Mesquite for tang
Hickory for bacon-ish taste

6. Indent Center of Beef Patties for an Even-ness

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It’s frustrating shaping the perfect patty, only to put it on the grill and it poofs up in the center! What is the answer to this? Take a spoon or just your good ol’ thumb and make a soft indent in the middle of the perfectly shaped patty.

7. Bone-in vs. Boneless

Bone-in fish, chicken, and steak will take longer to cook on the flame than boneless will. Give it several minutes longer on the grill should you decide you want your protein bone-in!

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8. Doneness – The Finger Method

tenderness test

This is a neat trick. It’s just as the diagram looks! Depending on how you like your meat, gently tap on the muscle on the grill and compare it to the finger method. No more cutting into the center to check its done-ness!

9. Tame the Flame

tame the flame
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There will be flare ups, or will there? If your grill all of a sudden seems to catch on fire, don’t burn off your eyebrows trying to put out the flame. Simply put the lid over the grill. It’s the best way to tame the flame, because it reduces the amount of oxygen in the fire. Or – if you want to avoid flare ups altogether – check out the infra red grills from Saber Grills, and no matter how much fat you throw on them, they won’t flare up (one extra perk with that, is that you can actually throw a slab of BACON straight on the grill for breakfast)!

10. Use an Onion to Clean the Grill


Getting the grill ready for some cooking - rubbing halved onion on the hot grate.

For some magical reason, and based on common knowledge this works. Just like washing your hands with against stainless steel after chopping garlic, using an onion to clean the grill does wonders.

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