Sweet Taro Sticks

Taro not only makes for a fabulous savory starch, but also a sweet treat. These sweet taro sticks are a delicious bite with tea or coffee.

This sugar coated taro sticks are just 2 main ingredients. Taro sticks and sugar. It is great for snack or tea time. When you bite into it, you get the crunchiness of the frosty sugar and the soft nutty taro center.

It is an easy recipe but a bit tricky to master on the sugar coating. The plain sugar can turn into many forms through the cooking, from sandy white to bubbly clear liquid to golden syrup. Once the sugar boils, there are some big bubbles being formed. The bubbles will become smaller and smaller and the syrup starts turning slightly brown, it is time to add the deep fried taro sticks, turn off the heat and coat with syrup as evenly as possible.

If you are not able to do the sandy sugar coating properly, the caramelized sugar coated taro is still delicious.

Click HERE for the recipe.

Lei Zhang

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