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Ten Champagne Cocktails with Spritz

Ten Champagne Cocktails with Spritz

As the weather warms, we like to think the more dancing bubbles on our tongues, the better. Mix these spritzy cocktails starting with champagne as the base.

Ten Champagne Cocktails with SpritzShutterstock : Kseniia Perminova

The end of the year is all about celebrations and requires plenty of bubble. We like to think the more dancing bubbles on our tongues, the better. Mix up these spritzy cocktails starting with champagne as the base. Fresh berries and herbs go perfectly with the drink of celebration.

Festive Champagne Mojitos
This cocktail is the perfect way to celebrate dinner with family and friends and toast the summer season with fresh mint and a touch of rum. Get the recipe here.


Chocolate Amaretto Cocktail
Make dessert drinkable this evening. Champagne and chocolate together are decadent and romantic. Add a splash of chocolate liqueur and amaretto for a sexy cocktail. Get the recipe here.


Cherry Thyme Champagne
Fresh thyme make this cocktail elegant and memorable. Make the cherry syrup ahead of time and stored in the fridge so you can mix a drink on demand. Try any sparkling wine you enjoy, even Franciacorta. Get the recipe here.


Hibiscus and Ginger Champagne Cocktail
Sweet, light, and bubbly, this cocktail is great for a brunch or late afternoon drink. A hibiscus flower in the bottom of the glass is a beautiful way to let the bubbles cascade around it and the ginger adds a not-too-powerful hint of flavor. Get the recipe here.

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The Blood Orange Buzz
This vibrant, tart drink is warmed with vanilla beans and cloves. Add orange bitters and pomegranate liqueur to the mix for added booze. Get the recipe here.


Raspberry Peach Champagne Cocktail
Made with a delicious fresh peach and raspberry puree, this bubbly drink is great with the fruits of the season. Get the recipe here.

Elderflower Champagne Cocktail
This light cocktail with elderflower liqueur, fresh mint and cucumber is a sweet success. Also try adding pear or lychee. Get the recipe here.

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Temporary Getaway Cocktail
Thinly sliced apples, orange juice, and lemon juice make for a perfect late-summer sangria-like drink. Don’t forget to eat the apple slices, too! Get the recipe here.

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The Toasted Almond Cocktail
This sweet, sweet drink is similar to a rich marzipan dessert. Enjoy on a summer evening with toasted almond sugar and amaretto. Get the recipe here.


Pineapple Champagne Coconut Cocktail
A delicious cocktail with a tropical twist is delicious anytime of the year, but especially refreshing in the summer months. Don’t forget to rim the glasses in shredded coconut to complete the drink. Get the recipe here.

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