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Summer’s Last Hoorah: Favorite Labor Day Eats

Although we technically have until September 22, Labor Day is the last unofficial day of summer, not to mention the last day to wear white, according to old-school fashion rules. For our last hoorah, we have gathered iconic recipes that scream of summer that you should be devouring up all three days.


Labor Day Grilling Tips for a Crowd

It’s the last official cook out of summer. Don’t worry, we can keep going strong until mid-September, but it is the last three-day weekend, so let’s do it up right. Check out these tips from Chef Craig Schauffel for a successful grilled meal.

6 Ways to Barbecue Your Breakfast for Labor Day

Labor Day Weekend is kind of the last hoo-rah of the barbecue season. It’s also one of the last holidays to sleep in and leisurely make yourself breakfast. Combine the two, and we give you 6 ways to barbecue your breakfast!

Summer Peach Parfait

Take advantage of peach season being in full swing with this delicious peach parfait from Pooja Mottl.