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Super Bowl Spread: Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots

Super Bowl Spread: Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots

No matter which team you root for, satisfy all your Super Bowl Sunday guests with this roundup of Seattle and New England specialties.
By Suzanna Heldring

It’s that time of year again. The Super Bowl is upon us and if you’re anything like me you forgo sports most of the year and just come for the gathering of good food and good friends. Therefore, I have rounded up the most festive of food and drink celebrating the two opposing teams’ hometowns for delicious culinary rivalry sure to satisfy your Super Bowl Sunday guests.

Seattle Seahawks Menu:

Being from New York City, I am no stranger to a good hot dog. A Seattle-style frankfurter is done a little differently than most. Their not-so-secret ingredient is none other than cream cheese! This unexpected (unless you’re from Seattle) spin on a classic sports game food is sure to intrigue your guests and delight the Seahawks fans among them. Find a recipe here.


If there is one thing Seattle is unquestionably known for is its coffee. It was of course the birthplace of Starbucks, but coffee in general is a huge culture there, so it has to be incorporated into the Super Bowl menu somehow. That being said, it’s still the Super Bowl and people want to drink! So I found a simple coffee-based cocktail that is easy to make and easy to drink. I would also recommend offering some craft beers, another popular Seattle beverage, for a more traditional Super Bowl Sunday drink.

dark-moon-940x600image from

New England Patriots Menu:

What happens when you take a classic New England dish like seafood and a classic sports game food like fried, well, anything? It results in fried clams and oysters: a slightly unconventional, festive, and easy to make crowd-pleaser. Use this recipe and adapt for your number of guests.

04182011.bandgfriedclams-postimage from

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Seeing as we already have beer and coffee (cocktails) on the menu, it would definitely be advantageous to the party atmosphere to offer an easy-to-drink punch-style cocktail. I could think of nothing more fitting than a Boston Cocktail. This sweet beverage is made with gin and the less popular apricot nectar liqueur, among other ingredients. Get a punch bowl and make up enough for all your guests to ensure some very happy Super Bowl Sunday watchers.

Boston100image from

So both teams hail from places with some pretty great food. No matter which side you’re rooting for, celebrate Super Bowl Sunday by honoring both teams’ delicious culinary specialties.


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  • Great article, Suzanna! Lots of good ideas for food and drink for the Super Bowl. Can’t wait to try some, especially the Seattle-style frankfurter. My taste buds are definitely engaged! My best to you on future articles and mouth-watering recipes.

    Jackie Schnee

  • I love these wonderful suggestions. I live in New Hampshire but as a native New Yorker, I am going for the Seahawks, could never like the Pats, or the Sox for that matter. I loved the coffee recipe, what a fun way to make coffee exciting at a party. Loved the article, good job!

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