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Shanghai: Song Fang Maison de Thé

Shanghai: Song Fang Maison de Thé

Cindy Wang relaxes in the Song Fang Maison de Thé in Shanghai, where the only problem is to choose from the extensive tea-menu.
Text And Photos By Cindy Wang

Song Fang Maison de Thé is an enchanting tea salon tucked away in a converted French Concession lane house of Shanghai. Created by a Parisian lady who used to work at Dior and LVMH, Song Fang is a truly stylish retreat – bright, airy, with light jazz on the background. Perfect!

Sunny afternoon at Song Fang

2nd floor

3rd floor

The tea menu is extensive and difficult to choose from, so get recommendations from the staff if you don’t know which one to pick. French tea comes in Song Fang’s signature porcelain teapot sets (pictured below), while Chinese tea comes in clay teapots. My favorite is Polynesie, a fruity blend of green tea with mango, banana, and pineapple, but I also love China Blue, a rich and creamy blend of white tea with coconut, blackberry, and orange.

Song Fang signature porcelain sets

Song Fang in the late afternoon

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Song Fang in the late afternoon

Song Fang is perfectly charming. Come and stay the whole afternoon – preferably on weekdays to avoid the crowd – you will not want to leave after a sip of their gloriously soothing tea.

Song Fang Maison de Thé

Address: 227 Yongjia Lu, near Shanxi Nan Lu
Tel: 6433 8283
Price: 40~70 RMB/pot of tea, ~40 RMB/cake

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