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Portuguese Wines Perfect for Summer

Portuguese Wines Perfect for Summer

Cool down with these three white Portuguese wines that are perfect for easy summer sipping.

This guide to summer white wines is quick, it’s dirty, it’s delicious. Branch out this summer and start drinking Portuguese wines (if you haven’t already) and here are the three you should start with. Can’t find these particular wines at your neighborhood wine shop? Stick to these varietals to fine something similar.

Arinto – Harvested throughout Portugal, this grape produces high-acid wines that range from light and citrusy to full-bodied and buttery. These wines are great paired with seafood.

Alvarinho – One of the first grape varieties in Portugal to be bottled as a single varietal, Alvarinho is known for its distinctive botanical aromas. The grape can produce rich, high-alcohol wines, some with the ability to age up to 10 years.

Viosinho – This grape yields full-bodied and well-balanced wines and is most often found in blends from northern Portugal. Think floral and stone fruits when you think of these wines.

Portuguese Wines Perfect for Summer

2015 Animus Vinho Verde: $13
This young, crisp white wine is ideal on the hottest summer days. With notes of citrus and green fruits like melons and green apples, this wine is energetic with a touch of spritz and sweetness to complement the acidity. With a screw top, this wine is perfect for a picnic or a grilled chicken and seafood dinner. But who are we kidding, no food is needed to enjoy this refreshing wine.

Quevedo Oscar's White 2016 copy

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2016 Oscar’s White: $16
While this wine will age well, there is no need to wait to enjoy it. With a medium to full-body, it comes with flavors of rich citrus and minerality that plays well as an aperitif.

Portuguese Wines Perfect for Summer

2016 Aromas Das Castas: $14
This wines comes with blend of Alvarinho and Trajadura grapes. The first gives it the floral, stone fruit notes and the second brings strength to the wine’s body and gives it a longer finish. Together they create a balanced wine that is ideal with light meat dishes and seafood. We enjoyed this wine with a light Italian-inspired cheese plate and it was perfect.

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