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Honey Sautéed Apple and Almond Watercress Salad

Honey Sautéed Apple and Almond Watercress Salad

PARTNER POST: Discover the nutritious and versatile wonders of watercress with these tasty recipe ideas.
This fun watercress salad is loaded with lightly sautéed apples with a touch of honey and crunchy almonds.

Honey Sautéed Apple and Almond Watercress Salad

Can we talk about my favorite new healthy green that’s not kale? When I say new I mean new to me, of course. Watercress has been around a long time and I had heard of it but I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t tried it. Somehow I had this idea that it was super bitter or something so I kept buying spinach and kale and passed it by. Not anymore!

Honey Sautéed Apple and Almond Watercress Salad

Thanks to the good folks at B&W Growers, my stubborn self finally tried it and liked it immediately. No bitterness (what was I thinking??), just a fresh, slightly peppery flavor that I started loving in salads and on sandwiches. I also got an education about exactly how good this stuff actually is for us. Watercress is high in vitamins A and C and actually more nutrient dense than all the other dark leafy greens.

When I went searching for it in my local supermarket, I found the bag piled high on top of the veggie display where it was easy to overlook. But I found it and then proceeded to have a long chat with the grocery manager about his product placement.

Honey Sautéed Apple and Almond Watercress Salad

Now that this super green is in regular rotation on my menu, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the grower on a delicious recipe that pairs it with lightly sautéed apples, a touch of honey and some good almond crunch. You can find it by clicking HERE.

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Honey Sautéed Apple and Almond Watercress Salad

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  • I have never eaten Watercress, after reading the material listed here, seeing the picture and ready to take a bite. It is on the top of my Grocery Shopping this week. I am a salad eater and am always looking for something. Thank you for sharing this Recipe with me. Doris Mitchell

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