How to Flavor with More Herbs and Spices, and Less Salt

Welcome to 2017. Yes, the new year is here, and everyone is trying to stick to their lists of physical improvement. This year, on top of committing to that gym membership, let’s also consider what we are putting into our bodies. It does not have to be a bland torture. Here are different cuisines and their common herbs and spices to add plenty of flavor to food with just a pinch of salt.

Eat Real Stay Sane

Asian Flavors

Asian cuisine is all about contrasting flavors to create sensations that are unexpected and surprising. Many dishes are sweet and savory, spicy and sour, and textures are very important.

Common Herbs and Spices:
White Pepper

Cantonese Ginger and Scallion Steamed Fish

Stranded on the Island

Mexican Flavors

Just across the border hails some of the spiciest cuisines, if you dare to try! However Mexico is not only good with tacos and salsa. Depending on the region, even households, recipes are not only mucho picante, but they also have a deep earthiness, which makes keep coming back for more!

Common Herbs and Spices:
Ancho Chilis

Black Bean and Poblano Pozole


Indian Flavors

Indian cuisine is an endless plethora of polvorizing and blending different spices together to create vibrantly flavored curry bases.

Common Herbs and Spices:

Eggplant in Spicy Coconut Peanut Curry

Archanas Kitchen

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