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Brew Tip: River Rat Brewery, Columbia, SC

Brew Tip: River Rat Brewery, Columbia, SC

Complete with outdoor space and a new food menu, River Rat is a fun place to hang while sampling some great beers on tap.

Brew Tip: River Rat Brewery, Columbia, SC

Head to River Rat Brewery in Columbia for a fun afternoon complete with great beer. Not only do they serve a slew of their own beers that you can’t find bottled elsewhere, but also on the menu are some favorites from other breweries. Bring your dog, meet your friends and play cornhole out back while you sip on some cool suds. They recently started making their own food, so be sure to come hungry and dig into the menu.

Now, check out the tasting notes on our favorite of the ones we have tried, Kerry’s Peanut Butter Porter.

Special Ale

Type: Porter
Location: Brewed by River Rat Brewery, Columbia, SC
Alcohol: 6%
Glass Recommendation: Pint or tumbler glass
Pair With: The brewery suggests serving this beer along side pork or with other nutty desserts.

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Appearance: Dark brown, slight gold hue
Aroma: Notes of malt and caramel

Brewed with dried peanut butter, this beer is smooth and surprisingly pretty nutty. It is heavy, rich, and nicely toasty-tasting. Definitely not to be classified as light and easily-drinkable, but this beer is pure fun. A nostalgic flavor in adult form.

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