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Brew Tip: River Horse Brewing’s Special Ale

Brew Tip: River Horse Brewing’s Special Ale

An American amber ale without strange flavors, ingredients, or funky notes to surprise you, but it is simply delicious and easily drinkable with many foods.


Special Ale

Type: American Amber Ale
Location: Brewed by River Horse Brewing Co., New Jersey
Alcohol: 5.5%
Glass Recommendation: Pint or tumbler glass
Pair With: This beer is perfect with a variety of meats, even grilled red meats, traditional bar foods, or a cheese plate.

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Appearance: Dark brown amber
Aroma: Notes of malt and caramel

This is a very “drinkable” beer, but don’t think of it as simple and boring. With hints of citrus, plenty of rich caramel, and a bitter coffee finish this bottle will satisfy you without having to be too funky. The hops are not overpoweringly bitter, but rather more earthy and subdued. Because of its easy going flair, the Special Ale is ideal with common foods for a comfortable culinary experience.

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