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How to Braise Pork Neck Bones

How to Braise Pork Neck Bones

Learn how to braise pork neck bones on the stove in a sauce made from canned whole tomatoes with red pepper flakes and Italian seasoning. So cozy, easy and flavorful, it just takes a bit of time.

I’m back again with another recipe for pork neck bones. This recipe utilizes some canned whole tomatoes I had on hand one day. (There’s no point in stocking your pantry if you don’t cook from it.) It also has red pepper flakes for a bit of heat and Italian seasoning for savory herbaceousness. I originally made this recipe during the summer, so all of the braising takes place on the stovetop instead of turning on the oven.

I do have one small confession to make: in all of my note taking, it looks like I forgot to write down the time it takes for this dish to finish cooking. Originally I was going to list an educated estimate, but I literally just figured it out today—I wrote down the start time of the braise, and thanks to the power of technology, I can see the time stamp on my photos to figure out the end time. Yay technology!

Regardless of if I did put down my best guess, you wouldn’t walk away for hours with something on the stove anyway, right? (The answer is a resounding “no.”) The only liquid in this recipe is from the tomatoes, so be sure to check on it every so often to give it a stir and make sure the pot isn’t burning.

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