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The Best Foods to Soothe the Stomach

The Best Foods to Soothe the Stomach

Hearty eating can be synonymous with stomach aches. Here are 5 foods that help soothe a stomach, and will keep you ploughing on in the world of good food.
By Pepper Passport

We’re in the throws of the winter season where indulgence, hearty meals and frivolity can reign. We also love food and know that there is so much out there that must be devoured and enjoyed. There are canapés and cocktails to be had, runny cheeses to inhale and many sweets to gorge on.

It’s all good stuff. But the down fall?

The upset stomach that rears its ugly head after the indulgence. Perhaps it’s from food left out too long, or maybe you’ve flooded your system with so much richness it’s not sure what to do.

So take note and on board these five foods that help sooth an upset stomach. Most are everyday items that are easily accessible. Think of them as a bandaid for the bullet hole, and continue enjoying the season and exploring the world of great food.

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Fennel is fantastic. It contains anti-gas properties and helps to detox your system. Slice it up and eat raw, or include in salads. Fennel seeds work well when added to meats.

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If you’ve been unwell toast is a great option when feeling hungry again. Spread it with raw honey – you’ll be eating something that’s easy to digest, and helps to give your body some sugar too. Notably, it helps if you burn your toast just a little, for charcoal is used to neutralise in poisoning cases. It’s one of the world’s best all natural filtering agents.

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And we’re talking about good and regular white rice. It’s going to help absorb fluids and the starch within will coat your stomach, which together help ease the discomfort and effects during and post your sickness.

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Ginger is what you need when you’re feeling super nauseous. So much so it’s a trusted remedy for chemotherapy patients looking for a treatment that’s natural and effective. If you can tolerate it, chew a little bit whole, otherwise make ginger tea by pouring boiling water over slices and letting steep for five minutes. Add a little mint in there to soothe too.

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Too little acid in your stomach can cause discomfort. Ergo, putting some more acid into your tummy, and bringing it to a suitable equilibrium via apple cider vinegar can help. This fermented apple juice also contains nutrients including vitamin B and C – added bonuses for your health when the party season’s stripping some of it away. Make a brew up with hot water, 2 tablespoons of the vinegar, and a little lemon/honey to flavour.

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