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5 Crazy Burgers

5 Crazy Burgers

Crazy Burger Flavors

The ground meat patty sandwich was created in The United States by Danish immigrant, Louis Lassen. Today, the American icon has become a vessel for ridiculous toppings and indulgence. We found some outrageous meat and topping combinations, most more than we could ever handle. Surprisingly, many of our picks come from all over the world, not just the US, and have inspired a a multitude of global fast food chains as their main offering.
By Annelise McAuliffe

Crazy Burger Flavors

Sushi Burger
Sushi Burger Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia
“Experience the fresh taste of Japan in a unique style.” Perhaps this version, served with wasabi on the side, is healthier, too.

sushi burger

Walnut Burger
The Historic Trempealeau Hotel, Trempealeau, Wisconsin
Built in 1871, the hotel began looking for vegetarian options to try in their restaurant about one hundred years after first opening. They settled on a walnut based burger and it became the top selling item to meat eaters to vegetarians alike.

WB - Soft Edge

Texas Coffee Burger with Barbecue Sauce
Originated in Texas
Coffee rubs have been found on duck breast and steaks, but these burgers are taken to the next level with their tangy sauce, salty bacon, and bitter hint of coffee.
Get the recipe for the burger and the sauce published by Epicurious.


Cheeseburger in a Can
Trek’n’Eat, Germany
Created to become a camping staple, this canned sandwich is meant to be heated in its container in a pot of boiling water. Despite the advertised picture, thankfully there is no lettuce in the can to be boiled away, perhaps they are best added by the consumer. Taste testers have admitted that the mystery meat will not be making its way into their hiking packs.


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Roadhog Burger
Nindigully’s Pub, Nindigully, Australia
The community hangout offers a 55 pound burger on their menu topped with the works and suitable for at lease 20 people. Be sure you’re up for the challenge as the monster will cost you $150.


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