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10 Japanese Rice Bowls

10 Japanese Rice Bowls

We always have rice on hand in our cupboards or a pot simmering on the stove, but sometimes we could use some inspiration on what to do with it. Discover these ten Japanese rice bowls with delicious toppings and mix-ins.

10 Rice Bowl
All drawings by Lisa Kogawa. Lisa is a full time illustrator and part time doodler who was born and raised in Japan and is currently working in Los Angeles focusing on food and lifestyle illustrations.

10 Japanese Rice Bowls


Easily simmer chicken, eggs, scallions to make a comforting sauce to serve over a bowl of rice. Try this recipe.

10 Japanese Rice Bowls


Get your hands on this filling beef bowl by cooking the meat with onions in a sweet and savory dashi and soy sauce broth. Serve over rice and dig in! Try this recipe.

10 Japanese Rice Bowls

Japanese Curry Rice

While not traditionally Japanese, curry was first introduced to the country by the British in the 1870’s and has been a popular staple ever since. Make an easy, thick brown curry sauce and serve over rice, loaded up with toppings of course. Try this recipe.

10 Japanese Rice Bowls


Chahan is the Japanese version of fried rice, so if you have leftover rice from takeout, this is the perfect solution. Add in your favorite vegetables and garnish with nori and an egg. Try this recipe.

Chazuke or Ochazuke

Dig into this easy and super comforting dish. Simply pour green tea or dashi over your bowl of rice and enjoy with your favorite savory toppings. Try this recipe.

10 Japanese Rice Bowls

Tamago Kake Gohan

Enjoy this rice bowl for breakfast. This traditional morning dish is simply warm rice mixed with a raw egg and soy sauce, if you please. Try this recipe.

10 Japanese Rice Bowls

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Perhaps this is the Japanese rice dish that we are all most familiar with. Topped with fried pork, an egg, and a variety of pickled, fresh or cooked vegetables. Try this recipe.

10 Japanese Rice Bowls


If you love raw fish, start here. This easy rice bowl is topped with thinly sliced raw tuna for a fresh and fatty flavor. Try this recipe.

10 Japanese Rice Bowls


This is a Japanese dish that goes to the Western side. Loaded with tomato and mushroom based demi-glace sauce, this rice can have beef and onions and a splash of cream, if desired. Try this recipe.

10 Japanese Rice Bowls


If congee is blowing up your restaurant scene, than your city is right on target with the current food trends. Also known as rice porridge or gruel, congee can be loaded with an array of toppings and flavorful additions. You can get really creative with this one! Try this recipe for starters.

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