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10 Cakes Made in Minutes

10 Cakes Made in Minutes

A craving for something sweet can come on suddenly and without warning. Don’t fret. Grab a microwaveable dish and one of these fool-proof sweet recipes and you’ll be satisfied shortly.
By Annelise McAuliffe


A craving for something sweet can come on suddenly and without warning. Don’t fret! Grab a microwaveable dish and one of these fool-proof sweet recipes and you’ll be satisfied shortly. For each serving, plan on using one small egg or one large egg for two. Too many eggs causes the cake to rise above the mug. Remember, never fill the dish more than half way, they will inflate more than you think. Start with the shortest amount of time to avoid overcooking you life-saving dessert. Don’t confine yourself to always using the trendy mug to bake your batter. Ramekins, bowls, fancy glasses and anything fit for the microwave makes for a great container.

1. Dairy-Free Blueberry Cake
Tasting just like a blueberry pancake, this cake is ready in five minutes. Drizzle with warm maple syrup or top with vanilla ice cream. Get the recipe.


2. Nutella Lava Cake
What could be better than a warm, gooey Nutella cake? Maybe the fact that you could be eating it by the time you are finished reading this list. Enjoy with berries, whipped cream, and a strong cup of coffee. Get the recipe.


3. Strawberry Vanilla Cake with Glaze
Use those fresh, ripe strawberries that are appearing in every bowl of cereal lately, except this time for dessert. With a dash of cinnamon and a puddle of vanilla glaze, this 90 second cake is perfect to share. Get the recipe.


4. S’more Cake
Try adding a graham cracker crust along the bottom of your dish and some crumbs on top for the camping complete experience, without the fire. This is a basic vanilla cake with chocolate and marshmallows mixed in. Simple, but so good. Get the recipe.


5. Red Velvet Cake
Make the classic chocolate cake with pizazz in no time. Top with fresh berries, cream cheese, or whipped cream and pecans. This is a southern classic that should be a satisfying staple. Get the recipe.


photo by Teri Lyn Fisher

6. Banana Bread with Coffee Ice Cream
This could have been breakfast, but once you add coffee ice cream it heads straight for beloved dessert territory. Because it is so moist, this cake is almost like creamy banana pudding. Grab you over-ripe bananas and make this recipe.


7. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake
This classic flavor combination had to happen. Laced with salty peanut butter, this quick cake is topped with fluffy mousse and rich fudge sauce. Get the recipe.


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8. Caramel Fleur De Sel Cake
Caramel sauce and quality sea salt make this sweet and salty cake so crave-able. Drizzle with chocolate or eat as is, while it is still warm and gooey. Get the recipe.


9. Apple Cinnamon Cake with Cream Cheese Glaze
This cake may take a bit longer to create, a whole ten whopping minutes. But those extra couple of minutes are so worth to achieve the moist cake and rich glaze. Grab applesauce and dash of cinnamon and make this recipe.


10. Sticky Date Pudding
This quick dessert may not be a cake, but it is just as sweet and satisfying. Dates, caramel, and walnuts give this pudding a great texture and a rich sweetness with plenty of brown sugar. Get the recipe.


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  • All of these mug cakes look luscious! All of them can be made even more quickly and without access to fresh eggs (like college kids in a dorm) by using 3-2-1 cake mix.

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