The Real Story of Chateau Montelena

If you’ve seen Bottle shock, then you know the Hollywood version of Chatea Montelena. Here is the real story of the winery.

This series from WINERAM Productions travels across the globe and gathers stories from the key players of the worlds top wineries and wine regions.


Chateau Montelena is the winery that was the central focus of a recent Hollywood flick Bottle Shock. WINERAM had the opportunity to tell a story. This wasn’t the “Hollywood” story of Chateau Montelena but instead features the real Bo Barrett and the story of their winery and what they are really about.

Colin West

WINERAM Productions is a relatively young company with an equally young and energetic entrepreneur behind the name, that guy is Colin West. He first got into the wine industry at the young age of 18, yet being from the USA it was illegal for him to pursue his passion, so he flew to Italy. After deciding the wine industry would be the one and only career path for himself, he enrolled in a wine course in Tuscany where he studied underneath Diletta Frescobaldi of the Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi wine family. Since this experience with the Frescobaldi family in Italy, he knew he had found his calling with an area that he could use his business experience in, yet that also included an industry full of passion, history, and even art and science.

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