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The Mandarin Oriental – The Jewel of Geneva

The Mandarin Oriental – The Jewel of Geneva

Mandarin Oriental Geneva

Some say that Geneva is the jewel of the Alps. And if you agree with that, you may also say that the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is the jewel of Geneva.

Opened in 1950 as the “Hotel du Rhône”, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Geneva has a rich history interwoven with the city’s cultural and diplomatic charm. Nestled in the heart of of the city, the hotel has witnessed decades of transformation, consistently offering a special brand of luxury and elegance.

Mandarin Oriental Geneva

Stretched out along the shores of the River Rhône, this 143 room and 35 suite luxury hotel, is contemporary, stylish and tres classique at the same time. Its location is ideal for those looking to explore Geneva’s famous attractions. Just a stone’s throw away are the Jet d’Eau, one of the city’s most famous landmarks, and the Flower Clock, a testament to Geneva’s watchmaking tradition. The United Nations Office and the Museum of Art and History are also within easy reach, making it a suitable base for both leisure and business travelers.

Check into your spacious suite, open the drapes and gaze on the glorious view of the river, the lake, the city center, and the dramatic mountainous landscape in the background. It’s stunning. The rooms, blending modern décor with traditional Swiss touches, offer a retreat from the bustling city.

Mandarin Oriental Geneva Room

Mandarin Oriental Geneva SuiteEqually stunning is the incredible breakfast served daily in the Peruvian inspired Yakumanka restaurant. The spread is quite a sight, ranging from classic breakfast dishes to Asian specialties, juices, Champagnes, pastries and much much more. Honest Cooking would honestly consider coming back to stay at the Mandarin Oriental Geneva just to get another stab at this absolute world class buffet. Bravo!

Video: Honest Cooking Visits Mandarin Oriental, Geneva

The main culinary destination at this hotel, however, is the fairly newly opened Sachi, one of Geneva’s favorite destinations for fine dining Pan-Asian gastronomy. The restaurant, is situated on the ground floor of the property, with a dining room that is centered around an open sushi counter and a beautiful Martini bar.

Mandarin Oriental Geneva Sachi Sushi

Mandarin Oriental Geneva Sachi Martini Bar

The menu at Sachi is fun, quirky, always delicious and never boring. Try some of their incredible cold appetizers, like their many creative sashimis and delicious tatakis and fresh salads. Modern sushi bar classics like spicy tuna crispy rice also make an appearance, to the delight of the youngest Honest Cooking diner. Also don’t forget their fall apart delicious glazed black cod with yuzu miso sauce, and obviously you need to give their sushi a serious go. Everything is fresh, delicately presented, but with big flavors that pack a punch. The service is friendly, with an international crew of hospitality pros that make you feel at home instantly.

Mandarin Oriental Geneva Sachi Sashimi

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Mandarin Oriental Geneva Sachi Crispy Rice

Mandarin Oriental Geneva Black CodAside from the gastronomic delights, the hotel is a hub of relaxation and luxury. Guests can indulge in the spa treatments, or enjoy a leisurely stroll along the river, taking in the picturesque sights of the city. For those interested in shopping, the hotel is conveniently located near some of Geneva’s finest boutiques and shopping streets.

At the end of your meal, maybe head to the bar for a night cap before retreating back up to your suite. Again, open those drapes, take in the gorgeous views and congratulate yourself on staying at this wonderful hotel. With its combination of luxury, location, and exceptional service, the Mandarin Oriental, Geneva stands out as a premier destination for those seeking the best of hospitality in the heart of the Alps.

Mandarin Oriental, Geneva

Quai Turrettini 1, 1201 Genève



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