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The Blueberry Bourbon Fizz

The Blueberry Bourbon Fizz


PARTNER POST: Be inspired this season to make little changes to your holiday menu by adding the merriest berry – blueberries — into your recipes.
Grab some frozen blueberries and make this earthy bourbon cocktail with a tangy shrub and prosciutto garnish. Perfect for a holiday party.
By Kristin Guy

The Blueberry Bourbon Fizz

Tis the season for….blueberries?! I know what you’re thinking – Usually this time of year we are neck deep in pumpkin, apples and a winter-spiced EVERYTHING. Not that I’m complaining….but it’s time to switch things up a bit. And when you think about it, the blueberry makes sense. It’s earthy and sweet, perfect to add unexpected punch to a number of savory dishes, not to mention they are available year-round, in the frozen and fresh produce sections, making your holiday shopping a little less stressful of a hunt.

The Blueberry Bourbon Fizz

This year I’m changing up my welcome cocktail when entertaining guests by infusing the blueberry’s tart and woody flavors with a hint of ginger and thyme. This berry wants to get funky and show off. It’s a holiday party animal like that! So let’s celebrate it by making a Shrub!

The Blueberry Bourbon Fizz

Shrubs are so simple to execute and pack a lot of exciting flavor into a variety of cocktails and non-alcoholic spritzes. This blueberry shrub is exciting. In fact, I’m glad I made a full batch because I’ve been enjoying it in sparkling water, ginger ale and this blue bourbon cocktail. It really screams the holidays in a totally new exciting way.

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Did we mention a blueberry and prosciutto garnish for your cocktail? Those two are fast flavor friends, also stunning! Follow the link here for this refreshing cocktail recipe.

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The Blueberry Bourbon Fizz

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