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Sweet or Savory: The Best of Cranberries

Sweet or Savory: The Best of Cranberries

In the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, cranberries are one of the most popular fruits around. Put the superfruit to good use with our sweet and savory recipe roundup featuring the best cranberry-laden dines.
By Lauren Ellis

This article has been posted with permission and originally appeared as Cranberry Recipes: Sweet and Savory on Relish

cranberries-3-ffKyle Dreier

Sweet Recipes

Cornmeal Pancakes with Cranberry-Maple Syrup

cornmeal-pancake-2_webMark Boughton Photography / styling by Teresa Blackburn

Cranberry-maple syrup and cornmeal keep these pancakes from being overly sweet.

Steamed Cranberry Pudding

15713-steamed-cranberry-pudding-relishMark Boughton Photography / styling by Teresa Blackburn

If you want a sweet and tart combination, this dessert is just what you’re looking for.

Chocolate Pecan Cranberry Coffee Cake

chocolate-pecan-coffee-cake1Katie Lewis

Impress your friends and family by serving this dessert at your Holiday dinner. The vegan coffee cake balances chocolaty goodness with fruit and pecans.

Black Walnut, Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies

Mark Boughton Photography / styling by Teresa Blackburn

These cookies make a great dessert or snack and take just 10 minutes to bake.

Pear Cranberry Ginger Cutie Pies

25-pearcrangingerThomas Gibson

Store these adorable pies in jars for an on-the-go dessert the whole family will love. The ginger adds a bit of flare to the otherwise sweet pear and cranberry flavor.

Holiday Upside-Down Cranberry Cake

69140-holiday-upside-down-cranberry-cake-3Jessica Merchant

An upside-down cranberry cake adds a pop of red to the dinner table, making it the perfect holiday treat.

Cranberry Apple Popsicles

pops_cranberry_and_apple_image_p_93Jennifer May

These fruity cranberry and apple treats prove that popsicles are actually delicious year-round desserts.

Maple Apple Cranberry Double-Stuffed Pie

cran_apple_pie_up_close_with_server_profileRachel Willen

Get double the goodness with this double-stuffed pie, filled with apples and cranberries.

White Chocolate Layer Cake with Cranberry Filling

white_chocolate_orange_and_cranberry_cake_32_r2Karry Hosford

White chocolate, cranberry filling, and orange frosting come together to make a flavor trifecta that’s sure to be a holiday favorite.

Pear and Cranberry Pumpkin Pie

pear-cranberry-pumpkin-pie-thanksgiving-dessert-different-alternate-spin-relishMark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

Pears, pumpkin, and cranberries make a sweet pie that can be served hot or cold.

Savory Recipes

Cranberry Butter

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cranberry-butter3Mark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

Add this pretty pink cranberry butter to roasts for fabulous seasonal flavor. Or serve as a spread with bread or vegetables.

Cranberry Roasted Turkey

cranberry-roasted-turkey-6Mark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

Here’s the perfect counterpart for that homemade cranberry butter—roasted holiday turkey.

Turkey, Wild Rice, Apple and Cranberry Stuffed Pumpkins

stuffed_pumpkin_mainMeredith Steele

Get the best of the harvest season in these stuffed pumpkins from In Sock Monkey Slippers. Apple and cranberry add a fruity flair to the classic turkey and rice combination while the pumpkin functions as an edible bowl.

Turkey and Cranberry Sauce Sandwiches

turkey_sand_h_gc2Mark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

Put leftover turkey holiday to good use in this super sandwich.

Cranberry Jalapeno Relish

cranberry-jalapeno-relish-6bMark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

Make Southwestern-style relish a day before your holiday feast to let the flavors meld and jalapeno mellow, then serve as the perfect complement to turkey and dressing.

Cranberry Cocktail Sauce

15401-cranberry-cocktail-sauce-relishMark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

This sauce makes a fruity substitute for shrimp cocktail sauces and goes great with turkey, grilled venison, and other rich meats.

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