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Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill – Having Fun with Flavor in Miami

Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill – Having Fun with Flavor in Miami

Have you ever had fried Pig Ears with Barbecue Spice? If not, Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill in Miami is the place to indulge in unique eats and cocktails.
By Brenda Benoit

This is a vibrant and spirited Restaurant located in the midst of an area in Midtown Miami. It offers a selection of original tapas and drinks (wines, rums beers, cocktails and teas) in a relaxed, cool and pleasantly colorful ambience. We heard of this place and wanted to visit for a while but the opportunity did not arise until a visitor with a special palate wanted to try something unique to Miami.

What can one say about eating Pig Ears? We had to try them. They were crunchy and golden-brown and just simply unusual. Not your everyday fare. We would not call them delicious but surely an offbeat dish that deserves a try for sure.

I asked what would be a good dish for my 8 year old who is such a particular eater and the suggestion was the Kobe Beef Sliders that to my daughter were like baby hamburgers topped with a tiny egg. I said to her that the eggs were quail eggs, not chicken eggs and that is why they were so little. She tried them and smiled with delight as she munched happily and finished them, only giving me a miniature bite so I could taste.

Next came a Ceviche which they spell Seviche at Sugarcane. Who cares about the spelling as long as the taste makes you take on a cheerful glow on the cheeks once ingested? Tangy and tasteful and served with seaweed (nori) chips, how cool is that?

My daughter is very impatient so she wanted dessert while we were still enjoying the ceviche…she chose the Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Bar with marshmallows and chocolate ice cream.  I am not a dessert person but I decided to please her. It arrived with an unexpected presentation that included popcorn and hot caramel sauce which she totally enjoyed.

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As mentioned before I am not a dessert person but I was still hungry so I ordered a salad instead of dessert as the dressings are sometimes sweet and healthier than a regular sugary ending to a meal. It was such a rich and abundant assortment of flavors: with greens, baby tomatoes, cucumbers, shaved carrots, feta cheese and so many pretty flowers weaved into the mix. This is positively a worthwhile place to check out in Miami, a venue that offers a taste of the flavors to be found in South Florida.

Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill
3252 NE 1st Ave #115
Miami, FL 33137
(786) 369-0353

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  • I have a recipe for this in a David Tanis cookbook. I have not made it because I know I’ll be the only one eating it, and much as I like to try new things I don’t think I can handle that much at one go. I need to find someone adventurous for a dinner party…

    • Hello Sara:

      I did share this dish with someone adventurous indeed. Not everyone one is into trying pig ears but we could not resist :-)

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