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Splendid Slovenian Wines for Summer

Splendid Slovenian Wines for Summer

Cheers the summer months with these less common white wines from Slovenia that not only pair well with seasonal foods, but add to the relaxed atmosphere.

Splendid Slovenian Wines for SummerPuklavec and Friends

In Easter Europe, tucked between Austria and Italy lies Slovenia, a land teeming with craft breweries and fertile vineyards. The Ljutomer-Ormoz region is where Puklavec & Friends grows their grapes and makes their wines with winemaker Mitja Herga. Made up of a landscape and elevation similar to a blend of France and New Zealand wine countries, Puklavec is able to create interesting, but very approachable wines.

During the summer months, we want to be outside as much as possible, enjoying the weather, good food and great company. For a wine to match, we always look for something that is easy-drinking like a popular “patio pounder”, but with more personality. The Puklavec portfolio more than qualifies while they also focus on being enjoyable, and why shouldn’t wine be fun?

For a summer wine that can be served with salads, vegetables from your garden, and even lighter meats or seafoods, we suggest their Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio blend. Citrus notes will initially hit your nose and then balance out with pepper flavors and nice acidity. A refreshing glass of this wine can easily be enjoyed by all while you are finishing up the preparations of a meal, a perfect aperitif. Selling at around $10, this enjoyable wine, a perfectly blended representation of the two grapes, should not be skipped over when looking for a first-course summer white.

Splendid Slovenian Wines for Summer

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On the heavier side, the medium-bodied 2013 Pinot Grigio was our favorite wine for the season from Puklavec & Friends. This wine really brought home the message of Puklavec wines being all about the setting and experience. Enjoy this wine, with notes of white peach and flowers, in good, fun-loving company. Its slightly buttery finish with a touch of zing on our tongues goes impeccably with soft cheeses and rich scallops. This is a pour that is sure to put you and your guests in a relaxed and happy mood. You can find this wine for about $12, and for that price and its pairing versatility it is hard to beat.

Splendid Slovenian Wines for Summer

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