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The Singular Hotel Patagonia: An Experience of a Lifetime

The Singular Hotel Patagonia: An Experience of a Lifetime

Discover the perfect balance of luxurious comfort and elegance amidst the raw wilderness of Southern Patagonia at The Singular – a hotel that is truly the experience of a lifetime.

The rugged spirit of breathtaking Chilean Patagonia attracts those travelers with an eye for beauty and a piquancy for adventure. Witness icy glaciers plunge into emerald lakes, wild fjords snake through hardwood forests, and connect with wondrous and untamed wildlife. Then continue south for more jaw-dropping views of Tierra del Fuego’s sky-high mountains, pristine glaciers, and verdant forests. The territory’s start and end point are also unknown. For the adventure seekers, witnessing its jagged coastlines, uninhabited islands, and impenetrable forests and ice fields are akin to those who find thrill at Disney Land. But given the territories vast size, one has has to be selective when exploring it.

The Singular Patagonia in Puerto Bories, just outside of Puerto Natales, is here to help. The luxury lodge has several one-of-a-kind excursions for travelers looking to explore the so-called “end of the world.” Here’s what you can expect.

Witness Glaciers Up Close

Travelers have an unforgettable opportunity to paddle among the giant Grey Glacier during The Singular’s newest kayaking excursion. From rapids to restful coasting, guests will spend all day on the water, feeling the wind across their faces and soaking up the natural beauty of Torres del Paine. For guests looking for a less strenuous activity, the property owns two private high-speed boats that navigate the fjords to the Balmaceda Glacier and Serrano Glacier daily.

Trekking in Patagonia allows explorers to experience several different landscapes – waterfalls, lush greenery, expansive rock formations, golden pampas, and more. To see the highlights in the region, travelers won’t want to miss The Singular’s 10-hour exploration of the Caves and Horns lookout, the eight-mile hike to the peak of Sierra Baguales deep in the wilds of the Ultima Esperanza region, or crossing Lake Pehoe to venture to Valle del Francés.

Connect with Wildlife

The puma is considered one of the most elusive animals in the region. The Singular Patagonia has launched a new Puma and Wildlife Photography Safari to track and spot the big cats and other untamed wildlife in their natural habitats. This full-day excursion allows guests to be among the predators that roamed the land for thousands of years, creating a special connection and understanding of the land.

Biking at Estancia Bahia Esperanza

While biking, navigate across Señoret Channel towards Estancia Bahia Esperanza (a Patagonian ranch) and ride towards horse trails and open country meadows. Enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the fjords and the austral mountains surrounding the area. Then pass through Nothofagus forests and descend for the Estancia’s low grounds on the fjords’ shores to admire an array of birds from the zone.

Indulge in Local Cuisine

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For foodie travelers eager to try the purest essence of Patagonia, The Singular Restaurant offers a vast, locally sourced menu featuring dishes that pay homage to both traditional and modern Chilean cuisine. Helmed by award-winning Executive Chef Hernán Basso, The Singular Restaurant seeks to create harmony between Patagonian favorites in unique dishes such as shrimp, salmon and scallop ceviche, king crab chupe, wild hare loin, and guanaco fillet.

Relax in Glacier Waters

After spending time out and about exploring, travelers can unwind with a massage, sauna session, or swim at The Singular Spa. The holistic-focused, 3,000 square-foot spas focused on Salut Per Aqua or “health through water” not only incorporates fresh glacier water into its design elements and aesthetic but also in every treatment. Guests can swim in the indoor/outdoor pool filled with glacier water from the Fjord of Last Hope while enjoying picturesque views of the fjord.

The Singular Patagonia
Km 5, 5 Norte S/N, Natales, Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena.

Tel: + 56 2 230 68800


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