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Scream-Worthy Halloween Drinks

Scream-Worthy Halloween Drinks


Try some of these eerie drinks to get in the Halloween spirit. They will be perfect for any adult party, or for unwinding after trick-or-treating with your kids.

Vampire’s Dream

Scream-Worthy Halloween

Get into character and make this deep red cocktail. Spiced rum and grenadine gives the drink that kick it needs, while cranberry and pomegranate juice create that bold red you’re looking for. Stay blood thirsty friends! Click here for the recipe.

Halloween Sangria

Scream-Worthy Halloween

There’s always a way to make sangria work. Grapes and orange slices keep this cocktail fruity. It remains connected to the season with tingly cinnamon and a Pinot Noir of your choice. Find the recipe here.

Poison Apple

Scream-Worthy Halloween DrinksSidney Frank Importing Company

This Poison Apple is princess friendly. Enjoy the classic fall apple flavor with simple, complimentary add-ins. Cider is the perfect mixer for vodka and Grand Marnier. To taste this cocktail, click here.

The Devil’s Margarita

Scream-Worthy Halloween

Dance with the devil on Halloween! This margarita showcases tequila blanco and red wine. A great balance of sweet and tart comes through in this cocktail. Here’s the recipe.

Harry Potter’s Alcoholic Butterbeer

Scream-Worthy Halloween

Celebrate Harry Potter and the wizarding world with their famous butterbeer. Unsalted butter and egg yolks make this beverage nice and creamy, while a British ale satisfies the beer flavor you’re looking for. Find the recipe here.

Black Widow Venom

Scream-Worthy Halloween

Create a tempting vile of venom with only two ingredients. Grenadine and whipped cream vodka mix well together in this decorative cocktail. These little bottles are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Get the recipe here.

The Blackbeard

Scream-Worthy Halloween

Who knew poison tasted so good. Here’s an innovative cocktail that’ll go great with anything you serve to a party of ghouls. Spook your guests with a fresh combination of spiced rum, crème de cacao, chocolate stout, and squid ink. Click here for the recipe.

See Also

Pumpkin Spice White Russian

Scream-Worthy Halloween

When the night calms down and the kids are finally in bed, relax with this fall White Russian. Pumpkin spice syrup and cinnamon sticks are what defines this recipe. Make it decorative with sprinkles on the rim if you’re sharing with someone else. Give this recipe a try.

Sleepy Hollow Cocktail

Scream-Worthy Halloween

This smoking beverage is for the witches flying around. Brew up something fierce with absinthe, mezcal, and rosemary. The Sleepy Hollow Cocktail is definitely worth sharing. Click here to get the recipe.

Candy Corn Martini

Scream-Worthy Halloween

Candy Corn is an all around favorite this time of year. Adults can enjoy it too, especially when booze is involved. Candy Corn infused vodka, butterscotch schnapps, and so much more makes this martini perfect. To give it a try, here’s the recipe.

Stay classy and creative this Halloween. You’ll be sure to find that any one of these cocktails will make you, your friends, and family happy to be undead. Cheers!

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