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Quick Meal – Paprika Roasted Salmon

Quick Meal – Paprika Roasted Salmon

Paprika Roasted Salmon Recipe

This fancy looking salmon recipe is actually both super easy and super tasty.
By Martyna Candrick

Paprika Roasted Salmon Recipe

I absolutely adore salmon, in all of its incarnations, but I seem to be the only one in this household who does. Which means that this wonderful fish full of natural goodness is normally relegated to a lunchtime menu, for one.

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The other week, as I was busy recipe testing for clients, writing for the blog, doing all sorts of household chores and prepping a 3 course feast for datenight, I got a sudden craving for a nice juicy salmon treat. I didn’t have time to stuff around the stove pan-fry it, because that requires almost udivided attention so I decided to whack it in the oven and hope that it would turn out. I rubbed the fillets with oil and sprinkled, generously I might add, with smoky paprika. That’s it. Within 15 minutes I had a satisfying meal that struck just the right chord.

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  • I love baked fish! Especially salmon and mahi mahi! However, my local grocery store I buy my wild fish from keeps the skin of the fish on one side. I’m sure it is for a reason but I tediously cut it off everytime because I am not sure how it will turn out with te skin on. When you cook your fish do you keep the skin on the bottom side?! Just wondering because it would be nice to not have to cut it off and save some time. Does all wild fish come with one side of skin still connected? Thank you for your time :)

  • Yes, if skin comes on my fish I leave it on, season it and crisp it up! I cook it skin side up. I think it adds flavor and keeps the fish moist. It easily can come off after cooking for those who choose to not eat it. The skin holds omega-3 fatty acids which are typically low in modern American diets. These omega 3s are anti inflammatory agents that are necessary for brain function and reduce risk for various chronic conditions. Enjoy!

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