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The Perfect Wines for Meatless Monday

The Perfect Wines for Meatless Monday

About to devour a veggie burger? Try these wines for the perfect pairing.

Veggie burgers and vegetarian alternatives in general have come a long way since their initial inception. They’re diverse and they can be really anything you want them to be, including starches, grains, legumes and more, with the most outrageous toppings one can thing of.

For a diverse wine that can keep up with a variety of meatless patties, we’re turning to the Languedoc region. Check out this selection of Languedoc AOP Wines’ and you’ll notice different shades of red with a variety of expressions. They’re flexible and just what we want on Meatless Monday.

The Perfect Wines for Meatless Monday

Black Bean Bowls or Burgers: AOP Corbières – Carignan Grapes

If your meatless dinner is going to consist mostly of black beans, perhaps with quinoa, you’re going to be looking for a wine that pairs best with foods that are mildly earthy and creamy in texture. Take that bean bowl or burger to the next level with burrito or Tex-Mex-style topping and seasonings. All those spices play best with a wine from Languedoc’s AOP Corbières made with Carignan grapes. We tried the Les Deux Rives Corbieres Rouge 2014 and it found it to have similar damp, earthy notes as the beans with a medium-body that wouldn’t over power the burger, but with smoothness and juicy tannins that would bring new flavor to the bean burger, just like the toppings.

Seitan: AOP Saint Chinian

Seitan is a meat substitute that has a very similar texture to animal protiens. The Saint Chinian wines provide a silky texture that lives up to and helps along the texture of the alternative protein.

Mushroom: AOP Terrasses du Larzac

Shake Shack helped make the portobello mushroom into something more than just a mushroom. When using the cap as a patty alternative, grab a wine with enough earthy flavor and acidity to stand up to a balsamic sauce. Head to AOP Terrasses du Larzac for bright acidity that is quite refreshing.

The Perfect Wines for Meatless Monday

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Chickpeas: AOP La Clape or AOP Pic Saint Loup

These starchy chickpeas do well when fried into falfel burgers or whipped into a hummus topping. Grab a Syrah or Grenache wine that will often have a touch of oak to add some deeper tones to the chickpea dishes. We tried the Chateau L’Hospitalet La Reserve Red that brings some complex jammy notes to an otherwise strictly savory burger.

The Perfect Wines for Meatless Monday

Beets: AOP Minervois

With their striking red color and sweeter taste, beets are a fun vegetarian option that often has the same color as a rare burger. Wines from Minervois often come with a hint of fruity sweetness that mirrors the red beet. We tried Chateau d’Opuia Tradition Minervois and it brought the perfect amount of earthiness and sweetness to the palate, just like the root vegetable.

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