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The Perfect Wine with Grilled Pizza

The Perfect Wine with Grilled Pizza

If you’re anything like us, you’re obsessed with grilled pizza. It’s such a delicious food to eat on repeat this summer and this is the perfect wine to pair with it.

Grilled pizza is our ideal summer food. It’s made outside, so we don’t have to heat up the kitchen, it’s quick (we keep balls of pizza dough prepped in our freezer), it’s a crowd pleaser and filling. Not to mention, we can top each pie with just about anything we have in our fridge, including all of the fresh summer produce that is in season.

The only thing to make out summer nights complete besides a grilled pizza, is the perfect wine to pair. Found it! We’ve been pouring 2017 Scott Family Estate Arroyo Seco Pinot Noir with our meat-lovers pizzas, or pies loaded with zucchini and goat cheese, and even the creamier white sauce pizzas served simply with a sprinkle of fresh herbs and a drizzle of fine olive oil or balsamic.

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Made from grapes grown in Monterey County, this wine is part of Rutherford Wine’s portfolio. It fruit-forward with a touch of herbaceousness that makes it perfect with veggie pizzas. Grown in a cooler climate, the wine has beautiful acidity combined with rich tannins. It’s food-friendly, balanced and approachable. Perfect for summer and all the grilled pizzas.

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