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Pairing Greek Wine and Seafood

Pairing Greek Wine and Seafood

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Discover Greek wines of the Mediterranean that pair perfectly with fresh fish from the sea.

Some of the best wines to pair with seafood often come from the Mediterranean region. The area offer wines that taste like the salty sea that the fish come from. While many of us have happily sipped wines from the coastal regions of Spain or Italy, it’s time to check out the Greek wines from the same region. Greek white wines are the perfect pour for a warm summer night on the patio and the reds and rosés are an ideal pair with seafood dinners.

Here are two wines we are drinking now with our favorite fish dishes:

Pairing Greek Wine and Seafood

Thymiopoulos Young Vines, Xinomavro: $15
Grown in northwest Greece, this grape goes on to make up wines with good tannins and acidity that are the perfect balance to fatty, rich fish like tuna or swordfish. We suggest pairing this particular bottle which is loaded with fruity aromas balanced by crisp acidity with a grilled swordfish.

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Pairing Greek Wine and Seafood

Mylonas Mandilaria Rose
This wine is composed of the Mediterranean-style blend of Malagousia and Mandilaria grapes. Grown on the Marmaro island, wines with this blend of grapes are often initially rich on the palate, finishing with refreshing crispness and spice. This pale pink wine does not disappoint. The wine begins with floral aromas on the nose and goes on to lend it medium body with spice to refresh greasy fried fish, creamy lobster pasta dishes, and tomato with shrimp recipes.

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