Orange Spritzer, Drink Up!

Nancy Lopez-McHugh tends the bar today, and mixes us a non-alcoholic Orange Spritzer.
Text And Photos By Nancy Lopez-McHugh

Orange Spritzer

Spritzer (Spritzen) is a German word that means a spray or a splash. The word is better know as a reference to a drink, usually consisting of wine and carbonated (sparkling) water. The carbonated water is mixed with the wine to make a light, fizzy and refreshing drink that is very popular on hot summer days. I have heard of and have actually seen people mixing cola with their red wines (blagh!). I love wine, specially red wine. I’m not passing judgement but I just can’t bring myself to “ruin” a good wine by adding carbonated water. Thankfully Spritzers also come in non-alcoholic versions using fruit and/or vegetable juices.

If you are like me and choose not to drink soda, you will really enjoy drinking fruit and vegetable Spritzer versions. I hate the taste of soda because it is way to sugary for my taste and not to mention very caloric. Instead I prefer to drink water, unsweetened tea, and 100% fruit juices. Since I’m not a fan of overly sugary drinks I always mix my juices with sparkling water. The recipe I’m sharing with you today is for my favorite way of drinking orange juice, an orange spritzer!

Orange Spritzer
Non-Alcoholic Orange Spritzer

When you are selecting orange juice or any other juice it’s very important to read the labels. You need to make sure that it’s 100% orange juice without any added sugar. There are many juice brands out there that though say they are 100% juice, have a lot of sugar or fructose or sucrose added to them, avoid those. Of course you could also use fresh squeezed orange juice, which will yield a slightly different taste. If you have kids this is a great drink to give them as an alternative to soda. They’ll like the fizziness like a soda and it is still sweet, but not too sweet. Moms will love the fact that the drink is still very nutritious. Orange juice is very high in Vitamin C, which our bodies need to help heal wounds faster, for strong bones and teeth and to help fight off infections. Vitamin C is also great for our immune system, helping to make it strong. See orange juice is much healthier than soda. Though I’m showing you my favorite juice spritzer it can really be made with any of your favorite juice flavors. Have fun and experiment.

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Orange Spritzer
Prep Time
Total Time
A non-alcoholic drink to refresh you and quench your thirst.
Recipe Type: Drink
  • 100 % Orange juice
  • sparkling (carbonated) water
  • 1 orange, for decoration -optional
  • ice cubes, optional
  1. Take the orange and either slice it thinly or cut it into wedges, set aside. In a large pitcher mix equal parts orange juice and sparkling water, if you are using ice cubes you may want to add those first. OR You can also mix 2 parts orange juice to 1 parts carbonated drink. It's really about finding the right mix and taste for yourself.
  2. Serve with a fresh slice or orange wedge. Serve right away,to keep the drink fizzy.

If mom and dad need a little kick to go with their orange spritzer why not add some vodka? Think of it like a fizzy vodka screwdriver. Again the amounts are really up to the individual’s taste but, I mixed 2 parts orange juice, 1 part sparkling water and 1 shot/part vodka. Cheers!

Orange Juice Cocktails
Orange Juice Cocktails


  1. Oddly Coke & red wine is pretty good, but not common unless you are in Uraguay or some other South American countries. Spritzers are a fun way to dress up a drink, whether you have alcohol or not. Springtime seems to be as good a time as any for them!


  2. Cola with wine? I am with you, no way am I going to disrupt my wine this way. However I do love spritzers and this juice spritzer is lovely…a wee bit of vodka would make a wonderful “adult type addition”. Amazing photos as always!

  3. The most killer Honey Lemonade Recipe: 1/2 gallon warm water, 1/2 cup honey, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice. Just mix it all with your hands (their warmth will disolve the honey and sugar) and pour mixture into a gallon container filled 3/4 with ice. You can even experiment with different tpes of honey to get different flavors.

  4. Hi!

    Juice with carbonated water, is very common here in Germany.
    You can get it in every Restaurant, Pub and Bar.

    Also very common trinks for the children in Restaurants and at home.

    the 2 two usual versions are the Spritzers with Applejuice or Orangejuice.

    Here in Germany it is called ‘Orangensaftschorle’ (OJ Spritzer) or ‘Apfelsaftschorle’ (AJ Spritzer)

    Enjoy pronouncing it ;-)

    Greetings from Germany!

  5. If I may recommend for a superlative summmer orange spritzer, mix 2 parts vodka, 1 part orange juice, and 3 parts sparkling water (I use La Croix). The orange flavor is intriguingly subtle without too much sweetness , the vodka’s bite is lost, and you stay hydrated whilst accruing a serious buzz.

  6. Red wine mixed with Coke and lemon is called a Kalimotxo in Spain. It’s not bad at all and you can use inexpensive wine for it.

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