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National Watermelon Day Drinks

National Watermelon Day Drinks

Celebrate National Watermelon Day by boozing with this summer fruit favorite.

National Watermelon Day Drinksshutterstock: molly26

Watermelon is arguably one of the most refreshing fruits. It’s incredibly light, sweet but not too sweet, and all around delicious. It’s the perfect fruit for those hot, hot summer days. August tends to see quite a few of those, so it is quite fitting that National Watermelon Day takes place August 3rd. Looking for a refreshing way to enjoy some yummy watermelon? Look no further, because we’ve rounded up the tastiest watermelon cocktails we could find. Cheers to watermelon!

1. Basil-Watermelon Cooler Cocktail

National Watermelon Day

A fizzy and refreshing cocktail light enough for afternoons turned into hot summer nights. Leave out the simple syrup for a less sweet version.

2. Watermelon-Tequlia Cocktail

National Watermelon Day

Puree your watermelon and add some tequila, mint, and blueberries to make this tasty drink.

3. In-Sandiary

National Watermelon Day

The rimmed glass is the essential part of this drink! The spicy chili powder complements the sweetness of the drink.

4. Watermelon Mojito

National Watermelon Day Drinksshutterstock: Africa Studio

Who doesn’t love a twist on the classic mojito?

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5. Watermelon Cucumber Juice

A non-alcoholic watermelon drink to sip on, for the kids or days too hot for booze.



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