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Homemade Crumpets

Homemade Crumpets

If you’ve never had a homemade crumpet, it’s time! Here’s how to make the griddled bread that is delicious with butter and jam.

We’re off on a family trip to london and paris next week. our travel packet came yesterday, and to celebrate homemade crumpets were a must.

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i forgot how much i love crumpets. when ian and i moved to california, our first apartment together was on 5th avenue in san rafael. right down the street was a brand new cafe, tea and crumpets. the crumpets were made right in the window and served hot all day long. they were amazing, and ian and i went practically every weekend.
the shop closed. we moved. after several less than delicious store bought versions, i tried making crumpets myself. don’t let the yeast scare you off. traditional homemade crumpets are as easy as pancakes to make.

Click HERE for the crumpet recipe.

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