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A Flaming Shotka of Mary and Jane

A Flaming Shotka of Mary and Jane

Have a seat. We’ve all been there. Whether we’re up to our ears at work or feel like our spirits are exhausted from rolling with the punches, this shot of relaxation will take the edge off. Get ready to mellow out.
By Morgan Greenhalgh

Shot of Relaxation1

Ever have one of those, “Let’s get out and have some fun” moments? Ya know, you’ve had a tough week, things were a little annoying at work, your team lost, you stepped in something nasty, your burger was overcooked — the usual the universe is out to get me fare. Those are the times where you need to blow off a little steam. That’s precisely when you need to have a little extra fun, get something a little extra special, relax just a little extra hard. Yes, I said relax extra hard. That’s a thing. Those times call for the Flaming Shot of Relaxation.

Shot of Relaxation2

People often compliment me on my subtle nature. By compliment, I mean point out lack thereof. Without telling you anything else beyond the name, I’m guessing you already have an inkling what’s in the Flaming Shot of Relaxation. It’s a shot. It’s on fire. It helps you relax. A three-fer!

I could get into the chemistry of the whole thing, tell you why the shot being on fire makes it more relaxing and thereby better, but come on. Flaming. Shot.

Allow me to put it like this, when you’re thinking of a fantastic winter scape, there’s often a fire crackling in your imagination, right? Those times don’t stress you out do they? Unless you’re worried about an avalanche. Or a zombie snow monster. But ignoring those, totally relaxing.

Shot of Relaxation3

We set about making this the most extreme relaxing shot of doom we could (where each letter is as important, if not more important, than the last).

With that, we set about with some quality Hot Toddy ingredients: we have bourbon, lemon juice and simple syrup. Those gave us a good base indeed.

Shot of Relaxation5

What we were missing was the final push. Luckily, our friends over at Shotka had just sent us their marijuana-infused vodka. Now that spells awesome. And relaxing. With its pleasantly herbal flavor and hint of sweetness, we knew it’d work with our flavors.

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Shot of Relaxation4

Mix, strain, pour and light on fire. Yup. Relaxation in a shot. For glory! For a crappy week! For a great week! Because everyone deserves a little something to help them chill.

Now, onto the Flaming Shot of Relaxation!

Find the recipe here

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Flaming Shot of Relaxation

  • Author: Morgan Greenhalgh
  • Yield: 1 1x


  • ½ OZ. SHOTKA


  1. Put all of your ingredients into your shaker with ice.
  2. Shake.
  3. Strain into your shot glass.
  4. Add sliver of lemon.
  5. Top with extra Shotka.
  6. Ignite.
  7. Admire.
  8. Extinguish.
  9. Shoot.
  10. Relaxation FTW.
  • Category: Alcoholic drinks


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