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Finer Dining at Fair Weather Bushwick

Finer Dining at Fair Weather Bushwick

When a Bushwick coffee shop starts serving brunch and dinner, good things happen. Check out Fair Weather Bushwick’s mouth-watering menu.

Finer Dining at Fair Weather Bushwick

Oh boy, Fair Weather Bushwick has changed!

It used to be a simple coffee shop?—?the only one in the area, actually. Owner Ebru Brun has always had a sense for what’s needed in the neighborhood. She knew something was missing in the Brooklyn boarderlands by Myrtle-Wyckoff. Back then, it was just good coffee. More recently, she discovered the desire for finer dining.

Finer Dining at Fair Weather Bushwick

So she set to work.

She renovated the space to expand the kitchen.

She added a dining room filled with reclaimed wood tables, and put even more seating in the back yard.

Finer Dining at Fair Weather Bushwick

She brought in seasoned chef John Creger to craft the eats.

Now they offer up a 10–12 course tasting menu, full dinner service, lunch, brunch, and a fine selection of wine and local beer. And the great coffee service hasn’t stopped!

Check out some of their stellar menu items:

And for more dining guides, head over to Nooklyn.

Finer Dining at Fair Weather BushwickCreekstone Farms Hangar Steak and Kreher’s Farm Eggs

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