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Edible Sugared Flowers

Edible Sugared Flowers

Spruce up your table decor or desserts with simple sugared flowers easily made with edible spring blossoms.

Edible Sugared Flowers

I am so in love with all of the Spring blossoms happening outside. Each year, I look forward to the one or two precious weeks in early Spring when a bunch of branch blossoms are in full display. Unfortunately, they fade as fast as they bloom. I wish there were a way to preserve their beauty.

After a few google searches, I found a way. Surprisingly, this method is easier than I thought. Here’s what I discovered- Sugared Flowers!

Edible Sugared Flowers

I made sugared flowers out of quince blossoms and carnations. However, you can literally use any types of flowers and they will all turn out beautifully. The materials needed are simple- egg white, sugar and perhaps a small paint brush (I used my fingers).

See the steps below…

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Edible Sugared Flowers

There are actually a lot of edible flowers out there such as pansies and many variety of roses. These also include different types of Spring blossoms like the ones that I used here, Quince. Please keep in mind to only use flowers that you know are safe and free of pesticides. For a full list of edible flowers, please see HERE.

Sugared flower can be stored up to three months. I used a mixed of fresh and sugared flowers to decorate a plain frosted cake.

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