Delicious Chocolate Recipes from Honest Cooking

No Bake Peanut Butter Treats

If you’ve ever dreamed of making your own Rees peanut butter cups, now you can. For a more adult version, feel free to use your favourite dark chocolate instead.

Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches

What’s better than mint chocolate chip ice cream? Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiched between two fabulous chocolate-y cake layers, of course.

Merenda is Greek for Nutella

For those of you who would like to be initiated into the pleasures of a velvety chocolate hazelnut spread, why are you still here reading this?

The Next Best Thing to Robert Redford
The Next Best Thing to Robert Redford

Kelsey Hilts with the recipe that made her husband shout the above out with joy.

White Chocolate Matka Kulfi

Traditionally made in earthen pots, the milk based frozen dessert Matka Kulfi is immensely popular in Asian countries, especially during warm summer months.

Chocolate Cake For Special Occasions

To Tamara Novacoviç, this is not an everyday cake, nor weekend cake. It’s for those very special occasions.

A little more caramel and chocolate.
Chocolate, Banana And Caramel Tart

Bria Helgerson was looking for something chocolatey with a little more oomph, and a little more depth. She found it in this tart.

Easter Treat: Chocolate Bird’s Nest Cookies

These lovely Easter treats were inspired by a late night craving-expedition to the freezer.