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A Beautiful Rosé Bottle Fit for a Party or a Present

A Beautiful Rosé Bottle Fit for a Party or a Present

St. Tropez’s iconic winery Chateau Minuty has released their latest vintage of the beloved M de Minuty rosé in a new, beautiful bottle design. It’s just the thing to bring to a party or give as a gift.

Chateau Minuty, a fine wine producer in Provence, has invited American artist and illustrator Ashley Mary to use the winery’s iconic Provençal bottle shape as her canvas and reflect her travels on the St. Tropez peninsula. Ashley’s design of the Chateau Minuty M de Minuty Limited Edition 2017 reads like a story of St. Tropez, reflecting the region’s stunning landscape and architecture. Ashley used these landmarks to create a map on the bottle in her own language of shapes, patterns, and colors.

This rosé from St. Tropez, M de Minuty, is a vibrant, dry rosé with stone fruit and citrus aromas. The high temperatures of the Mediterranean region for this vintage grew grapes intense notes, but superb balance. The last winery in Provence to pick all of their grapes by hand, M de Minuty is made in the traditional method for the purest expression of Grenache—the king of rosé. This Grenache blend is bright, light and acidic. It’s as fun as its label. While its a great wine to drink on a Tuesday night at home with a salad to pair, it is so stunning to bring to a party of as a gift. You can find this bottle for sale for about $23

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