A Gin Cocktail for Every Palate

Gin is often our go-to spirit of the summer. It’s refreshing and so versatile. Here’s a gin cocktail for every palate.

Each gin maker touts its own blend of botanicals and Uncle Val’s is no different in that respect. But the small-batch maker inspired by Tuscan cuisine is making the first peppery gin that we have every tried. With currently three smooth gins in the portfolio, there truly is one for everyone. Check out three cocktails you can enjoy this summer:

Blood Orange Vanilla Negroni with Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin
The botanicals of this gin were inspired by favorite gardening and cooking ingredeints often found in Tuscan homes. You’ll get notes of the classic juniper, but also cucumber, lemon, sage and lavender. It’s a warm, bright gin that is perfect for this refreshing take on the negroni.

Image by Uncle Val’s.

Blood Orange Vanilla Negroni

Build gin, vermouth, bitter liqueur and vermouth in a cocktail mixing glass, stir about 20 revolutions with a mixing spoon. Strain with a Hawthorne strainer over a large ice cube in a double old-fashioned glass. Garnish with a slick of an orange peel and a piece of dried vanilla bean.

Luxardo Bianco Bitter Infusion
Slice rounds of 1.5 blood oranges, split one vanilla bean and combine with 12 oz. of Luxardo Bianco Bitter in a sealed jar. Leave on the counter at room temp for 1 day, shaking the jar periodically. Then, place in refrigerator for 2 days with continued shaking. On the fourth day remove the fruit and vanilla bean and double strain.

Restorative Collins with Uncle Val’s Restorative Gin

If you love a crisp drink, this Restorative Gin should be your go-to. Its bright taste brings elements of cucumber, citrus and rose petals to cocktails. Try this refreshing take on a Collins.

Image by Uncle Val’s.

Restorative Collins
1.5 oz. Uncle Val’s Restorative Gin
.75 oz. Lime
.33 oz. Cardamom Syrup
.5 oz. Cucumber Water
Splash Seltzer

Muddle 5 leaves fresh Vietnamese Coriander (AKA Rao Ram) then execute collins style with slivered cucumber and Rao Ram garnish.

Spicy Mango Tonic with Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin

If you enjoy a tickle of spice and savory cocktails this gin is sure to be a hit. We absolutely loved this unique bottle. It’s great for sipping and lends vegetal bell pepper, savory pimento pepper and tickling black pepper flavors to your drink. Try it in your next Bloody Mary or switch up your usual gin and tonic with the recipe below.

Spicy Mango
1 part Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin
3 parts Tonic Water
Mango slices, to garnish
Jalapeño slices, to garnish

Place mango and ice in a glass. Pour gin and tonic over top. Garnish with jalapeño slices.
If you’d to sweeten the drink a tad, muddle the mango with the ginger and strain over ice and add the tonic and pepper slices.

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