Jeff Make it Like a Man

Jeff is a well-seasoned home cook who produces Make It Like a Man, an occasionally irreverent blog about more-or-less everyday cooking. When he's not at home making vanilla extract, Jeff divides his time between hanging in out in cafés and dedicating himself to several arts and culinary-related Chicago-area non-profits. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Chicago Food Bloggers.

Simple Pasta with Beans

Italian pasta and beans is a hearty dish that’s along the lines of a pasta e fagioli – but it’s not a soup. It is rich, so grab a fork.

Brick Chicken

Cooking chicken under a brick is a new and fun way to diversify your chicken dishes! Once you cook like this, you will never have regular chicken again.

The Ultimate Layered Apple Cake

Apple cake is an autumn tradition. This is made with olive oil and maple frosting. It may be a bit untraditional, but it is beautiful, and delicious.