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The WineRam Experience – Episode 5

The WineRam Experience – Episode 5

Trinity Hill Wine

Episode 5 of The WineRam Experience takes us up to the Hawkes Bay Wine Region for some top end Syrah at Trinity Hill Winery with legendary winemaker John Hancock. Adventure to be had there included a quick trip north to Jo’s home town of Gisborne to catch up with New Zealand Surfing Series Champion Bobby Hansen, see some waves and then go tackle and sheer some sheep.
By Colin West

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  • Not impressed with the sheep handling bit. You shouldn’t grab a sheep by its wool … it’s really painful for them. Didn’t make me laugh.

    • Hi Fi,

      I’m sorry to hear that this episode upset you in any way as you can imagine that was not our intent towards you or to harm the animals in any way shape or form and were under the direction of those who managed the property. I would be happy to discuss any of your concerns via email if you would like to email me directly:

      Thanks for your time and consideration with these matters.


      Colin West

      • Hi Colin, thanks for the response. Sorry didn’t mean to make a big deal out of this … feel a bit guilty for posting my comment. It’s just that I’ve been encouraged to handle sheep in a particular way and I thought it was a good message to get out there. I can see how you would get caught up in the moment and I’m sure that sheep was fine … they breed them tough here in NZ!!

        • All good! I appreciate your concern though Fi and I promise I would never do anything to actually harm animals in an unjust or unethical way :).

          Hope you continue to enjoy the WINERAM series! :)


          Colin West

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