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The Perfect End-of-Fall Picnic

The Perfect End-of-Fall Picnic

Soak up the last rays of fall sunshine with these tips to planning and packing a fall picnic.

Fall is a great time of year and while most of us don’t think about it in terms of picnics and bbqs, I think it’s the perfect time to grab a blanket, a bottle of wine and enjoy the changing leaves and cooling temperatures. Planning the perfect fall picnic doesn’t take much work or effort, rather just a little bit of foresight and a nice dose of sunshine.

1. PICNIC BLANKET – Grab a thick blanket. You’ll need something slightly thicker than your run-of-the-mill summer picnic blanket as the ground will be a bit cooler in the fall. Make it bright and cheery to fit in with your background. This blanket is one I picked up in Portugal – I spotted it and knew I immediately wanted to bring it home.

2. SCARF and PILLOWS – You’ll want something light to cover up with in case the wind picks up. Definitely not something you’d think of typically in 90 degree heat but you’ll be thankful you’ve got it along in case you get chilly. This scarf would work well as would this Sole Society poncho. This might sound silly but pillows make a picnic so much more comfortable and the more you bring, the merrier.

3. FLOWERS – Obviously. I picked up a fresh bouquet from my local grocer, something to make the picnic a bit more festive and romantic feeling. You can opt for something a bit more bright and popping if you don’t want whites and neutrals.

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4. WINE – Wine and food are really what make a picnic top-notch. Choose a wine brand that offers something for everyone. Sheep Thrills’ white wine is great for those who like a lighter wine while the red will be the wine of choice for those that prefer a crisper wine. Sheep Thrills, a fun play on words, has the cutest label. The twist off caps make them a great candidate for a picnic as you don’t have to worry about forgetting a corkscrew (which I’ve done before).

5. OUTFIT – As a fashion-loving gal, my outfit is almost as important as everything else that makes a picnic. I chose a sweater dress from Nordstrom (this one) – it’s so cozy and comfy enough for a few hours at the park. A hat helps keep your head as warm as possible.

7. FOOD – There are so many options for snacks and food to bring. You could go the elaborate route and buy an assortment of cheese and meat to make a charcuterie board but the cold has a way of making you feel a little less motivated. I suggest grabbing sandwiches you can munch on; they’re easy to transport and quick to pack up if you have leftovers.


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