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Paris Exclusive: A Private Cruise on the Seine

Paris Exclusive: A Private Cruise on the Seine

Private Cruise on the Seine

Paris, the City of Light, never ceases to captivate its visitors with its legendary air of romance and history. And while exploring its boulevards and squares on foot is still a must, imagine seeing its grandeur from a fresh perspective, gliding effortlessly on the Seine, with the city’s iconic monuments serving as your ever-changing backdrop. That’s precisely the experience Green River Cruises offers.

A Different Perspective on Paris

Inspired by the serenity of luxury getaways, the Green River Cruises concept brings an exciting sense of tranquility and elegance to Paris river boating. These private cruises take guests on a unique journey in small groups aboard American pontoon boats. It’s an amazing way to escape the city’s hustle and immerse yourself in Paris’s romantic ambiance. Picture this: The Seine beneath you, a glass of Chardonnay in hand, the sun gently warming your skin, all while your favorite songs serenade you from the onboard stereo.

Boats Tailored for Intimacy

These aren’t your ordinary river cruise boats where you are squeezed together with hundreds of sweaty tourists. The Green River Cruise boats are a blend of comfort and luxury, designed for intimate gatherings. Whether it’s an aperitif with friends, a romantic dinner, or a team-building experience, these boats, which accommodate two to twelve passengers – are like having your own mini-yacht in the center of the city.

Cruises That Capture History and Romance

There are multiple cruises to choose from with Green River. One recommendation would be to set sail on a 1.5-hour cruise that lets you journey back in time. Starting from the Paris Plages (which is a part of the Seine riverside that is turned into a makeshift beach during the summer months), you’ll drift past the historic heart of Paris, capturing sights from the age-old facades of the Marais to the grandeur of the Louvre. And as you approach Pont Alexandre III with its golden statues, the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower beckons. But it’s not just about the monuments, the experience is about the memories you make with your friends, family and loved ones.


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Imagine making a one-of-a-kind marriage proposal as the sun sets, or simply enjoying a fun “stroll on water” with your family. The glinting sparkles of the Eiffel Tower, the imposing majesty of Notre-Dame towers, and the subtle charm of Pont des Arts create the perfect tableau for some lasting memories.

As the morning fog lifts over the Seine or the dusk blankets the city, let Green River Cruises be your guide to rediscovering Paris in a new way.

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